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ICYMI 5 Vendor Table

ICYMI 5 Vendor Table

$ 60.00

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) is back for the 5th time.  We've once again partnered with Sneaker Week, but we're taking over a whole new venue. This year it goes down at the Roseland and will be capped off with a crazy performance hosted by Sole’d Out and featuring...

TyUs / Mic Capes / Rasheed Jamal / T. Spoon / StevO / Fritzwa / Dj Chuck Knorris


ICYMI & Concert Tickets: HERE

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) - Sneaker Week PDX

Date: Saturday, September 1st

Location: Roseland Theater (8 NW 6th Ave.)

  • They're clearing the whole parking lot for ICYMI allowing for a bigger showcase. In the event of weather we'll be able to move it indoors. 

Parking:  On street ($), Lots, public transit  

  • Set-up: 10:30a-11:30p (can drop off before parking if needed)
  • Event Time: 12-5pm
  • Take-down: 5p-6p 

Vendor Table Info

Price: $60 for a single table, $110 for a double table

Sneakers / Vintage / Streetwear / Artists welcome

We reserve the right to cancel any vendors up to one day before and remove without refund anybody that is selling or trading fake products. You'll receive table space, if you want to bring clothing racks instead of using the table you can replace it, but you'll only have 6 feet of space. If you want a table and rack please contact us about two tables at a discount.

If you're a brand please contact us about any crazy setups and featured/sponsor opportunities. Email below. 

  • 1 Table at ICYMI (includes 6 foot table, and two chairs)
  • vendor passes
  • Gift bag

Contact for questions or wanting a second table: icymipdx@trillblazin.com